Manufacturer and Distributor of LED Modules
Manufacturer and Distributor of LED Modules

Interone USA

Interone Ltd. is a leading manufacturer specializing in LED modules in South Korea who invented LED modules in 2001 opening a new stage for the lighting industry. Our patented LED circuit was the first in the industry of Korea to achieve recognition and has earned a reputation not only for technical excellence but also for superior quality worldwide.


Today, Interone is making a commitment to research and develop alternative lights to fulfill such demands by utilizing and adopting LED, which will lead to a new era for direct and indirect illumination.


All our products are made in Korea using Samsung, LG or genuine Korean chips only. Unlike our competitors of other Korean LED manufacturers who use Chinese chips or OEM made in China, we make 100% of our products at our own facility in Korea. This is the only way we can assure our quality control and maintain our genuine reputation. Our production lines are fully automated for zero defects.


Our top priority in the business is to work together with our partner companies who create valuable projects by using our authentic products. Interone will continue to lead a standard in the industry by moving forward and expanding our innovative products. Interone USA was then established in California in August 2015 to better serve our customers in the North America territory. 

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