Manufacturer and Distributor of LED Modules
Manufacturer and Distributor of LED Modules

Advantages and Distinction of Interone LED Modules

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CableInside dedicated wire slot secured and no gaps Cable runs at the bottom section of case without any protection
Power bolt screw in Through fixed slot designed for power bolt making 100% connectivitiy with cableDirect screw in to the wire. High chance of missing center of wire making poor connectivity Direct screw in to the wire. High chance of missing center of wire making poor connectivity
Case Material Fire retardant developed by LG Chemical Prone to bend or burn by heat
Stability of Power Cable User can pull module by power cable without damaging circuit If wires are pulled they can be cut off or shorted.
Surface treatment Hard Silicon, Crack Free, Free expension or shrinking along with temperature making resistance of PCB more reliable Epoxy
Power Consumption Low. Maximum number of modules in parellel connection can be up to 2 times more than competitor's Consumtion is up to 2 times more than Interone

How our power bolt screws in with guided slot


How our competitors apply their power bolts without guided slots

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